Special Training for Hairdressers

With our training for hairdressers you can acquire the necessary skills and abilities
to be able to offer sugaring as an add-on in the hairdressing salon.
You will quickly and easily get a clear contour when modeling eyebrows
with rosewood sticks. Sugaring can also be used successfully in the following facial areas such as the upper lip, nose,
ears and also on the arms.

Make your customers even happier and more beautiful.
Waxing was yesterday, sugaring is today!

Your Sugaring Expert

Susanne Blair

During my training as a beautician, I gained experience with waxing, among other things, which I never grew to love, so like many of you, I got to know sugaring at a trade fair. I knew right away that sugaring is my vocation. Over time, I developed my own sugaring techniques, but I wasn't satisfied with the sugar pastes that were on the market. After a long search, I found a lab that helped me develop the perfect sugar paste. We still use this recipe to this day, and not only do I love it, but all of my customers do too. Shortly after my examination as a sugar expert at the Chamber of Crafts, I opened my own cosmetics studio "Meine Zeit" and since then I have been passing on my knowledge and experience to the next generation for the growing trend of sugaring. With love for the job and fun teaching, my team and I even offer sugaring training courses throughout Germany. Our trainers were trained by me personally and with high quality standards, so that you too can become a sugar professional and benefit from my experience.

„Sugar with us - small investment, big profit!"

Important information about
our sugaring trainings

You will receive a free workbook from us for every training you attend. This way you can quickly and easily look up all the information from the lesson again later. The workbook also contains videos that explain individual areas and that you can watch again at home if necessary.

All training courses are always held in small groups so that you can practice intensively. As a result, the learning effect in our trainings is optimal. You complete each of our sugaring training courses with a certificate, which you will receive immediately after the training.

Have you attended our basic training and would like to refresh your knowledge?
Then simply attend one of our refresher courses – even free of charge for our graduates!

A small meal is included in the price. (Except intimate training and online training)

Immediately after the seminar, you can either take our starter sets with you or have them ordered for shipping to you. If you have registered for an online seminar, you should purchase a starter set in advance so that you can work with the materials during the training.

  • Starter package Basic worth €150.00
  • Professional set worth €357.00 incl. Heater as a water bath
  • Profi Set Plus worth €431.00 incl. Professional heating device (heating by electricity – no water!)

So you can get started right away with your new sugar-sweet offer!

Everything is also available in the online shop.
All prices are incl. VAT.
Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Registration Form - Training for Hairdressers

The course includes the following services:

• Manual, Certificate
• You can buy some products after the training

The amount for the training is payable up to 14 days before the start of the training. 

In the case of short-term booking requests, the seminar must be paid for in cash before the start of the course.

The goods you have taken away will be sent to you on account.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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